Monday, June 11, 2012

oDesk Cover Letter Sample for Technical Article Writing

This cover letter applies to oDesk, Elance, Freelancer and other freelance websites.

Today I am going to demonstrate you how can you create an effective resume for an odesk job. For example, someone has discovered a job of technical article writing and want to apply for it, the below is a good resume or cover letter to apply. You can edit this cover letter as per your requirements.

Dear hiring manager,
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Your job post has caught my attention because I'm a technical writing addict and I’m considering your job for me with these required capabilities.  I have excellent experience in article writing in English language. I have good command over English grammar, English Basic Skills, English Spelling, English Vocabulary, U.S. English Sentence Structure, U.S. English Punctuation, Direct & Indirect Narration, Active Voice & Passive Voice, Conjunctions, Prepositions, Prepositional phrases, Verb phrases, Tenses, Noun phrases, Pronouns, Adverbs, Adjective phrases, and other grammar related topics.

I have already written some technical articles and I can provide you samples. I believe my capabilities would be perfect for your project. I can finish this job within the necessary interval. I have one year of experience in this field.

“Moving forward, I can commit 30-40 hours/week for your job, and my everyday time are flexible. I’m very motivated to provide my services for your job. You can contact me immediately to discuss this position further.”

I am mostly online at Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk Discuss and Skype. We can discuss there in details, if you are fascinated. I wish you'd provide this opportunity.

Muhammad Sohai


Thanks for reading my sample cover letter and don't forget to post comments below.


  1. thanks for this sample, it really is hard to come up with a good cover letter. If you're not really good at it, I would recommend trying since they have live recruitment specialists anyway that verifies your profile information then refers you to their employers directly.

    1. you are most welcome and I'll try your suggested website.

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  5. Yes, you are right that aside from keeping your profile looks great, an impressive cover letter is also necessary.

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